L’Année dernière à Marienbad (Alain Resnais, 1961) in color.

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"The trend of androgyny and the exploration of trans beauty started around 2010, and that’s when Lea T and I both started [modeling]. Everyone was kind of saying, “Oh, it’s just a trend, it’s going to go away,” and it hasn’t. I think that’s because it represents a social layer of people who feel that they don’t want to conform to traditional forms of gender—who feel traditional forms of gender are outdated. That social base feeds the trend, and it feeds the exploration in fashion."


Andreja Pejic Q&A.


Mark Borthwick x Martin Margiela


Mark Borthwick x Martin Margiela

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"When she wears ‘The Naked Dress’ to her first date with Big, she knows what she’s doing. When she apologizes to Big’s scandalized ex-wife, her outfit—a Galliano newsprint slip—is less outfit than Brechtian subtitle. Carrie always seemed like an old-school Artist to me: a Homeric poet writing her own masterpiece with clothes, but never outside the strictures of Form. Her choices outstrip their occasions. Sometimes she is successful, sometimes she is not—but she always tries. That’s one of the reasons I love Carrie."

- Hari Nef, “Clothes & Class: For Feeling Like You Have A Purpose,” on Adult (via adult-mag)

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